Content Management

Content Management (CM), also known as Enterprise Content Management (ECM), comprises the strategies, methods, and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. ECM tools and strategies enable organizations to manage their unstructured information, wherever that information exists.

At CASNET, we help you manage your organization's unstructured information. We are not promising a paperless office, but we do promise to provide solutions that lead to better control. With 90% of an organization's critical information contained in documents, we understand that your information is an asset, just as much as your building, equipment, and other infrastructures.

  • Documents are the lifeblood of an organization
  • Document Management keeps an organization compliant
  • Document Management enables an organization to control unstructured content
  • Document Management creates better efficiencies in an organization and provides high ROI


MFP Xtractor

CASNET MFP XtractorCASNET's MFP Xtractor allows your company to harness the full scanning functionality of your MFP machine by allowing you to place digital images into your Document Management Solution. With this module, CASNET will allow you to expand your scanning abilities to multiple locations, all without the need to purchase additional equipment.

Our MFP Xtractor allows you to scan paper images directly into your scanning queue, allowing any authorized user to easily index the images directly from their PC. The MFP Xtractor is a server based application that sends your scanned digital images directly to your configured Scan Queue at the moment the document is scanned.


SAP Integration

CASNET offers a SAP® Integration Solution that allows organizations to focus on what's important: keeping the organization running smoothly. Several benefits come from our SAP® integration, including:

  • Leveraging of existing investments
  • Effectively meeting business requirements
  • Scaling with the ever growing and shifting needs of organizations
  • Extending the value of SAP® without draining IT resources

CASNET has several document management integrations available for your business. Our approach allows us to integrate with whatever documents and databases you may currently use to "image enable" your line of business applications. This is especially important within SAP® for retrieving documents linked to business transactions, and thus providing users with the ability to seamlessly retrieve documents without leaving the SAP® system.

SAP® is a registered trademark of Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing


GIS Integration

CASNET offers the only NAGCS certified integration with a document management system. This integration enables ArcGIS® and ArcGIS® Server users to seamlessly retrieve and view documents without leaving the ArcGIS® application.

In addition to retrieving, you can store documents in the system and search for documents in other parcels. This integration will save your users time and training because they do not have to leave the ArcGIS® program.

ArcGIS® is a registered trademark of ESRI®


SharePoint Integration

CASNET SharePoint IntegrationAs companies respond to changing business needs, SharePoint® is often at the center of the discussion. CASNET knows that in leveraging a shared document repository, businesses can quickly share files and information, allowing your business to make better decisions. CASNET provides an ECM integration capability for document and records management.

Our solutions will bring a secure repository to manage your information and associated documents and communications. CASNET brings a scalable system that can be implemented in a single department or throughout the entire company.

SharePoint® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation®