Document Management

Enterprise Document Management at CASNET

Document Management, often referred to as a Content Management or Enterprise Content Management (ECM), is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage, and track electronic documents and images. Today the documents, both paper and electronic can come into an organization in many forms including email attachments, envelopes, or spreadsheets. Over the past five-to-ten years, the leading document management platforms have evolved to be much more. They have become the hub for your entire document and business related information. They integrate with the existing core business systems and they can be used to automate workflows, distribute information, and enhanced communications.

At CASNET, we help you manage all of your information sources as well as the entire document lifecycle from receipt or creation to destruction. We also tie together technologies and enhanced business processes to deliver the desired results. Through our best-in-class strategies and methodology, along with over four decades of experience, CASNET ensures that your needs are addressed. Our portfolio of Document Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products include solutions utilizing Hyland’s OnBase®, EMC ApplicationXtender®, and our own eWIX® cloud-based service. When coupled with scanning and indexing from our first class Conversion Bureau, CASNET provides you with the ability to define and implement a complete and fully integrated solution that gets it right the first time.

Our solutions provide:

•           Document Storage, Access, and Security – The core functionality that enables the right people to access the right information at any time

•           Automated Workflows driven by documents and data – ensure that the documents required to support customers; your business and audits are in the system when and where you need them while improving your processing times.

•           Integrated Case, Claim, and Contract Management – quit maintaining those Access Database and Spreadsheets. We can integrate this information with the documents that drive your customer claims, vendor contracts, customer contracts and most other business processes that today are managed on spreadsheets or standalone custom databases.

•           Integrated and secured enterprise file sharing – eliminate the security risks associated with using consumer internet file sharing applications. Automatically drive new and updated content to these internet accessible “folders”. Transfer access from departing employees to their replacements through an intuitive control console.


ERP Integration (part of Document Management)

CASNET offers integration options for most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) including SAP®, Oracle®, and Dynamics and Accounting systems including Great Plains, Peachtree, QuickBooks®. This enables the people in your organization the ability to work in the systems that they normally use while having instant access to the supporting documents and keeping the organization running smoothly. Several benefits come from our integration solutions, including:

•           Leveraging of existing software investments

•           Effectively meeting your business requirements

•           Scaling with the ever growing and shifting needs of your organization

•           Extending the value of your ERP system without draining internal IT resources

•           Instantly delivering the right information to the right person at the right time

Our approach allows us to integrate with whatever documents and databases you may currently use to "image enable” your line of business applications and email system. This is especially important within ERPs for retrieving documents linked to business transactions such as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, and thus providing users with the ability to seamlessly retrieve documents without leaving their line of business system.

SAP® is a registered trademark of Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing


GIS Integration (part of Document Management)

CASNET offers the only NAGCS certified integration with a document management system. This integration enables ArcGIS® and ArcGIS® Server users to seamlessly retrieve and view documents without leaving the ArcGIS® application.

In addition to retrieving, you can store documents in the system and search for documents in other parcels. This integration will save your users time and training because they do not have to leave the ArcGIS® program.

ArcGIS® is a registered trademark of ESRI®


SharePoint Integration (part of Document Management)

As companies respond to changing business needs, SharePoint® is often at the center of the discussion. CASNET knows that in leveraging a shared document repository, businesses can quickly share files and information, enabling your business to make better decisions. CASNET provides an ECM integration capability for document and records management.

Our solutions will bring a secure repository to manage your information and associated documents and communications. CASNET brings a scalable system that can be implemented in a single department or throughout the entire company.

SharePoint® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation®