3 Document Scanning Services All Small Businesses Should Consider

A pile of shredded paper
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How does your small business store and maintain important documents? Did you know that the use of paper in the average business grows 22 percent per year, which means your archive will double its size in about 3.3 years? Such an archive will necessitate additional space, which can be costly.

Document scanning services are ideal for all businesses, including small companies. Challenges with documents lead to a productivity loss that exceeds 21 percent, a 2012 study suggests. Such challenges can be overcome through document scanning services and digitization. What types of document scanning services can small businesses opt for and will these produce sufficient benefits? Here are some of the top options to consider.

Document Scanning and Data Conversion

A reliable service provider can scan documents from just about every medium and convert those to a digital format. Scanning solutions are ideal for paper-based documents, blueprints, microfilms and others.

Through scanning and data conversion, you can free up a lot of space and increase the security of sensitive data. All of the digital files can come with encryptions, multiple access levels and even a read-only mode. You’ll be free from worrying about making your office or an external facility 100 percent safe.

Document scanning services will also help you improve the quality of customer service and boost productivity through easy access. Employees will retrieve relevant data quickly and efficiently, without having to deal with misplaced or damaged documentation.

Document Destruction

Reputable document scanning services providers will give their clients access to an array of key solutions; document destruction is one of those. Once all the paper-based documents have been scanned and converted, you’ll be left with the paper copies. The best thing to do is to destroy such documents for better security and more convenience.

Reputable service providers can handle the task for you. Document shredding can be employed to make sure all sensitive data is destroyed. You’ll be left with having to keep only important documents and the ones that you need for legal compliance.

Alternatively, a service provider may offer redaction assistance. In this case, the documents aren’t going to be destroyed. Sensitive data will simply be removed (social security numbers, addresses, financial statements, etc.). Doing redaction on your own can be incredibly time-consuming. Therefore, you need to partner up with professionals who can handle the task instead of you.

Data Keying

In certain instances, it’s tremendously important to ensure the accuracy of scanned documents. A data keying service will make a lot of sense for such small businesses.

Data keying refers to the manual input of information approaching 100 percent accuracy. Some of the best service providers out there provide a quality guarantee, helping customers rest assured that minimal errors will occur in the digitalization process.

Data keying is also essential to ensure compliance with digital data retention requirements. The service provider will follow any format or layout that the customer requires. Once the process is completed, the new digital files will enter the company’s database seamlessly. Outsourcing data keying can help you save a lot of money and reduce the amount of work that your employees must do in order to ensure database compliance.

Companies provide many document scanning services that small businesses can rely on but these are the three most important. When chosen, such solutions can improve everyday processes, reduce the risk of fines related to data storage and give employees all the tools required to do a good job every single day.  Contact CASNET today to learn about your digital transformation options.

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