Assessing Your Company’s Need for Cloud Services

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Cloud services offer businesses an excellent option that is tremendously beneficial. This mode of technology delivers an unprecedented experience to organizations, providing them with the flexibility and the capability to handle increasing or decreasing demands. It is an inexpensive solution that can meet the needs of a business today. 

Many companies are questioning the need to transition to a cloud service. However, the advantages of adopting one are quite profound. These include increased security, backup recovery, productivity, mobility, and many other solutions. Let’s consider them below and review how you can assess your company’s needs for cloud services. 

What Are the Advantages of Adopting Cloud Services for My Company?

Ability to Adapt to Changing Needs:  The benefit of a cloud service is that it scales as required to accommodate the increasing and decreasing needs of a business. This saves money and ensures that you pay only for the resources required. 

Improved Security, Backup, and Recovery: If security is part of your concern, there is no need to worry about a cloud service. Cloud solution providers offer robust systems that are monitored constantly to ensure the protection of your data. Similarly, this approach guards your information against natural disasters. Cloud services behave as a reserve typically storing multiple copies of your data efficiently and offering retrieval of your information upon request. 

Productivity & Mobility: The cloud –based systems approach enables your employees to work from anywhere and access information remotely. This improves the operational efficiency of your business and provides more flexibility when it comes to housing employees and dealing with the 24-hour business day. It also promotes effortless employee collaboration. 

How Do I Assess My Company’s Readiness for Cloud Services?

Although it is such a great service, not all businesses are certain how to assess their readiness for moving to cloud services. The first step involves measuring and gaining an understanding of your present infrastructure, technical requirements, and workloads of your business.

The second step involves evaluating processes and identifying how a new system with new processes will impact your company. The final step is to very similar to the second step as it evaluates employees, their work characteristics, and how they can adapt to cloud services. Once these steps are followed, you can begin to understand how prepared your business is for cloud services. 

One More Important Consideration…

If you do plan to move all or part of your systems and document storage to the cloud, you will want to ensure that you have sufficient internet bandwidth for all of the team members who will need access to the new cloud resources. You should also consider setting up redundant / backup internet connectivity so that your business does not grind to a halt when your primary internet connection is out of service. 

CASNET has a qualified technical team that can address any concerns your company may have. They can assist in your assessment to help you determine how beneficial cloud services will be for your organization.  Get started today by calling CASNET at 1-800-882-7500 or emailing

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