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Creating a Document Retention Policy That Really Works

A good document retention policy is one that dictates and outlines how the personnel of an organization are to handle all of the organization’s information. It defines which documents are “records” and it ensures that employees properly manage these valuable documents from the point when

4 Reasons for AP Automation

For the majority of businesses, one of the most important departments benefitting the overall health and effectiveness of the organization is accounts payable. It is a crucial part of the financial activity and debt management of any company. Without proper management of the AP department,

Can Hyland OnBase Software Integrate With My Existing Systems?

It’s safe to assume that for most functioning, modern businesses and organizations, there’s already some integration with digital technology. Medical practices may be legally required to use electronic medical records, while Universities use digital systems to keep track of student information. Financial based businesses such

How Document Management Can Be an Asset to the Healthcare Industry

Being busy is an understatement in the healthcare industry. It is a fast-paced environment with the involvement of different people and the constant dissemination of information.  Whether on paper or the computer, managing an influx of information can be difficult if the right tools are

Managing Costs in Business: Do it Seamlessly with Cloud Solutions

As all entrepreneurs know, managing cost in business is a vital step in building a company. Profit is necessary in maintaining a company and building it up. There are number of tools available to assist with this. As we move into a period where technology

The Benefits of Microfiche Scanning Service

Opting for a microfiche scanning service is one of the first steps you can undertake to digitize your company’s archive. You may be wondering whether this solution is the right one for you. To decide, you have to acquaint yourself with some of the most

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