Cloud Storage Trends We Saw in 2017

cloud.jpgEase and accessibility are the words that came up time and time again in 2017. Businesses want to take the leap to a platform that will enable their employees to interact with data effortlessly in order to continue building the business. Technology is developing at breakneck speed and the products we use today may be obsolete in just a few years. You don’t always need the latest technology, but you do need the services that will help the workflow to run smoothly. We’re looking back at some of the trends we saw in 2017 and keeping you up-to-date on what you need to know. 

Building Private Clouds Versus Procuring Public Cloud Services 

While it makes sense for some businesses to build their own cloud storage capabilities, we are seeing a trend toward leveraging the available commercial cloud services. In the past, companies may have had security concerns about entrusting their data to a third-party. 2017 saw a move by many businesses towards existing cloud services. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google, and IBM are all working on data centres and attracting large companies to their cloud services. With so many offerings available and the rate that this technology is evolving, it can be more cost-effective to choose existing cloud services.

Cloud Cost Containment 

As the cloud becomes more user-friendly, paying for it also is becoming easier. We saw a shift towards capacity pre-purchase, meaning fewer bills and time spent figuring out if your business is getting value for money with your cloud service. Particularly if you are using multiple cloud service providers, pre-purchase will save you time and money when you understand and define your cloud service needs. 

Containers on the Rise 

Cloud containers are designed to virtualize a single application isolating that application from all of the other applications and data sets that could be hosted on a shared cloud server. These containers are portable, secure and already replacing the need for virtual machines. They are becoming increasingly utilized in production environments. Once a container is created, it can be deployed across a number of servers. Container security is being continuously updated as their demand grows. Managing your containers in the case of a large-scale deployment requires planning and is something to consider before you invest in this technology. 

The Robots are Coming 

It’s impossible to underestimate the impact and importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It’s happening and it’s going to change the way we live and work. Google, Microsoft, AWS, and IBM are all investing heavily in the research and development of this field and applying it to their cloud services. Stay tuned for the latest developments. 

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