Connect Your Maps and Your Process

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You manage and map a big infrastructure that is constantly changing. But what happens when your Geographic Information System (GIS) applications don’t tell the whole story? Think of all of the information maintained in file cabinets: contracts in accounting, manuals, policies and procedures, etc. How would your efficiency change if your GIS application could also retrieve these documents and present them instantly in a digital format?

”Our goal is for personnel to never leave the GIS environment, yet be able to retrieve spatial information, access documents and create work orders.” – Terry Biederman, director of Public Works, Waterford Township, MI.

Sound like a far-fetched goal? It is not when your GIS system is integrated with a world class Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.  This approach provides instant access to plans, work papers and supporting information all from within your GIS environment. Consequently your team will make more effective decisions while taking less time to do it. You can also go paperless and mobile in this environment if that is a part of your goal.

Wondering how it would work? Check out this new solution sheet to understand how to connect maps, processes and documents for a complete picture of your infrastructure.

Call CASNET if you are interested in exploring how an ECM solution can impact your organization today!

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