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3 Ways Processes in Education are Improved by Document Scanning Services

It’s no secret that the education sector has traditionally relied heavily on paper for the collection and record-keeping of important student and faculty information. However, a paper record management process is increasingly heavy on space and cost – two things that are finite in the

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How document management will help you spring clean your office

Spring is traditionally the season that marks change, or the start of something new. Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your home, backyard, or garage; businesses can benefit from spring cleaning too, and document management is a huge part of that. Here are just a

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Assessing Your Company’s Need for Cloud Services

Cloud services offer businesses an excellent option that is tremendously beneficial. This mode of technology delivers an unprecedented experience to organizations, providing them with the flexibility and the capability to handle increasing or decreasing demands. It is an inexpensive solution that can meet the needs

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Cloud Storage Trends We Saw in 2017

Ease and accessibility are the words that came up time and time again in 2017. Businesses want to take the leap to a platform that will enable their employees to interact with data effortlessly in order to continue building the business. Technology is developing at

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Common Mistakes People Make When Imaging Documents

Document imaging involves using specialized equipment to replicate and create a digital image of a document. In most instances, a scanner, printer or camera is used. The purpose of this activity is to convert paper documents into digital files. For many businesses, document imaging is

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Connect Your Maps and Your Process

You manage and map a big infrastructure that is constantly changing. But what happens when your Geographic Information System (GIS) applications don’t tell the whole story? Think of all of the information maintained in file cabinets: contracts in accounting, manuals, policies and procedures, etc. How

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Connected Solutions Equal Good Decisions Sustaining Your Public Utility, Part 2– Building Integrated Solutions

Last time we talked about the challenges of running a public utility and the volume of the paper created and used to run your public utility.  This time we will talk about different time and cost saving solutions. This responsibility and the considerable fiscal constraints

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