EIM, ECM & Cloud Security

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Making an organizational change is never easy, especially when the change affects someone’s daily process.  One of the paramount concerns at every organization is the security and protection surrounding their documents and data. In addition, the debate between advocates of “on premise systems” and “cloud    based systems” can reach the fevered pitch of a religious or political ideological debate.

What’s unique about Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, also referred to as Enterprise Information Management (EIM) systems, is the ability to exclusively identify users and groups, where authorized users receive specific access.  Users are granted access-based rights determined by your    organization.  Let’s say that users need access to documents containing a Social Security number, but it is determined they shouldn’t see all or part of that number.  ECM solutions have the capability to hide (redact or encrypt) that data from specific groups of users.  This is an important part of the implementation    process as your organization moves to a paperless environment.  At the end of the day, the paperless office can be more secure than one with paper folders and documents shuffling throughout any organization.  This is true because, while you can lock down the paper with enough effort, you cannot automate recording    who accessed or modified it.

For organizations that choose not to buy their own servers or store their own data, one of the biggest questions/concerns can be “How do we know the Cloud is safe?”

Thinking that premise-based implementations are more secure can be a false perception. As more and more employees work from home and their mobile devices, organizations connect their systems to the “Cloud” to facilitate this trend. If your systems are connected to the Internet, they are “In the Cloud” to everyone outside your firewall.  The precautions that you take to protect your systems are what make them safe(r).  ECM solutions are highly secured and the architecture also supports storing the mission critical information in multiple locations to produce a redundant and secured data environment.  Most of the Enterprise-level cloud solutions feature highly secure data centers, encrypted in-transit connections, built-in redundancy and data replication, ensuring your information is only accessible to the people who need it.

In a majority of cases these solutions can be tailored to meet precise organizational needs regarding compliance requirements and data availability, allowing you to support these efforts while meeting business needs.

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