How an Integrated ECM Can Optimize Efficiency for Insurers

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One thing that insurance companies trade in is information, especially numbers and financial data. It’s all part of the business, but when you take the massive amounts of data generated by a single client and then scale that up to include thousands, or even tens of thousands of customers, managing that data efficiently becomes a primary concern and it can consume a substantial amount of the organization’s resources.

Enterprise content management, or ECM, is the cornerstone of efficient operations for any business that deals in information. Without an effective means to access, interact with, share, and store information, the integrity of that business is crippled. Integrating the right ECM with an insurer’s operations and the existing line of business system is the most logical way to increase that efficiency for a number of reasons. 

Comprehensive Coverage

One of the biggest benefits of integrated ECM for insurers is only available if you choose the right type of system, and that is ease of use and configurability. In some cases, an ECM system can impede your efficiency, because, to work with your existing software and systems, it will require a lot of custom programming. This is time and labor intensive, calling for expertise in coding. It also means that if you want to implement any changes, this will require sourcing the expertise again to make amendments.

With an ECM system that is more comprehensive, major software suites, such as MS Office and others, are already programmed with compatibility in mind. This means that the ECM can be smoothly integrated into an existing environment with minimal to no custom programming required. This also means that any new changes that must be implemented are relatively painless and don’t require extensive expertise or, more importantly, downtime. 

Easier Configuration

The best ECM middleware is designed to be used easily by both employees and management. That means accessing information efficiently. It also means performing tasks such as defining the parameters required for storing information can be quickly set up and easily modified in the future. This is another area where the need for high-level programming expertise is no longer required.

The result is that the people who understand the needs of the company best, actual staff, can implement any optimization or adjustments required for the ECM. Mapping tasks that define which systems should connect to each other, and exactly how those connections and networks should operate can all be defined by those employees and managers that know what requirements need to be addressed for optimal efficiency. 

Lower Maintenance

By smoothly integrating with existing systems, a good ECM integration also translates into lower maintenance effort and cost. Custom solutions will require expensive fixes when things go wrong and can result in a loss of operational efficiency and revenue.

Systems designed with built-in compatibility and expandability mean that less time and money is spent on coming up with new solutions, or implementing minor changes to the system. Efficiency remains high, while downtime remains low, and the chances of a problem or major issue cropping up are also reduced. 

Convenience for Everyone

The biggest single benefit of a properly integrated ECM system is the increased ease of use at multiple levels of business operation. Employees can call up information when it is required, even if they aren’t in the office. Changes made to data are updated in real-time, automatically, without requiring multiple inputs on different devices and networks to ensure the change is reflected everywhere. As a result, businesses operate more smoothly, with fewer errors, all of which contribute to smoother operation, increased productivity and greater profits.  CASNET’s document capture process integrates with over 60 ECMs including CASNET’s eSAFE.  To learn more about how CASNET can improve your efficiency and optimize your workflows, contact us today.

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