How to Choose The Best Document Scanning Company For Your Needs

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Professional document scanning will create an archive of all the documents that your business currently stores in the form of paper copies. To get the best results, however, it’s important to select a reliable document scanning company.

Every service provider adheres to certain quality standards that will be determining for the outcome you’re going to get. Carrying out a thorough interview and asking important questions in advance will help you pinpoint the best document scanning company.

Verify the Company’s Background

It’s usually a good idea to opt for a document scanning company that’s been in business for multiple years. Verifying the experience of a service provider will help you rest assured that the company knows how to handle your scanning requests in the best possible way.

Document scanning professionals who have enough experience understand the industry, the quality requirements and the preferences of clients. They have completed a sufficient number of orders to know how to handle specific requests. Consequently, they can help you define the best specifications for your converted digital content.

To verify the company’s background and the experience of its professionals, you may want to ask for references. It’s even better if the company can provide references from clients that operate within the same industry as you or have had similar documents processed by the service provider in the past.


A document scanning company will often be handling sensitive data and important documents that play a vital role in the sustainable development of a business. This is why you have to make sure that the company will maintain the confidentiality of the data that you’re sharing.

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a sufficient safeguard. It states that any service provider dealing with documents will be responsible for protecting the information. Reputable document scanning companies have such NDAs ready for their clients to examine and for both parties to sign before work begins.

The proper training and the pre-employment screening of technicians that will be working with your documents is another safeguard to inquire about.


It is important that your information be protected when it leaves your facility. How are your documents protected while they are being scanned? Does your vendor have a security system and a sound security plan? Are there multiple layers of security? Are their surveillance cameras and do they keep employees from bringing their cellphones (cameras) into the protected production area? These are all important security questions and considerations when choosing a scanning service provider.

Scanning Technology and Quality of Outcome

Now that you’ve established the reputation of the document scanning company, it’s time to examine the way the project is going to be completed.

The document scanning technology and the training of technicians are two of the elements that will have the biggest impact on the quality of the outcome. Both the hardware and the software solutions that the company utilizes need to be modern and properly maintained.

Figure out what types of scanning the company will be capable of handling. Reputable service providers usually give their customers access to an array of solutions. A few of the most prominent possibilities include paper scanning, microfilm scanning, blueprint scanning and microfiche scanning.

Additional Services

Once you’re done with document scanning, chances are that you’ll need additional solutions. It’s a good idea to look for a document scanning company that can address your long-term needs.

Will the company offer a document storage and management solution on top of the scanning service? What will happen to your paper copies once all of the information has been scanned? This is an important aspect of the collaboration to discuss in advance.

Also, how will digital documents be handled from that point on? Look for a document management system that possibly enables cloud storage. A cloud-based solution is highly scalable and it ensures access to important data from any location having internet connectivity.

The cost of document scanning shouldn’t be a primary concern. Rather, try to identify the best price to quality ratio. Ask for multiple quotes, compare them side by side and use this information to identify the best offer for the needs of your business.  With document capture that integrates with over 60 enterprise content management systems including CASNET’s eSAFE, CASNET has a lot to offer.  To learn more about CASNET and how we can help your organization become better at what it does, contact us today.

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