Is Your Document Management System Safe from Disaster?

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In this digital age, a strong emphasis has been placed on the need for saving and storing documents electronically. Some still question this need, but the reasoning is quite simple. An electronic document management system ensures that your records remain intact regardless of fires, floods, or any unforeseen events. With digital documents stored in the cloud, you can access your information, even if you cannot access your building. 

Paperless document management eliminates much of the potential disruption of a business in the event of a disaster. It offers reassurance and clarity during a time that can appear bleak. You know where your documents are stored and you can retrieve them easily. A digital document system offers a peace of mind.

What Are the Setbacks of Having Paper Records?

Paper documents are susceptible to be lost. When a catastrophe arises, they are likely to be destroyed or at least damaged. Once they are gone, they cannot be replaced.

Although some companies resort to storing their documents offsite, this can often be ineffective. This practice is often just as precarious as storing your paper documents onsite as they still are not entirely safe from a disaster. Also, offsite storage of paper records can be expensive and time consuming to access. Rifling through mountains of paper is not enjoyable or efficient. Travelling back and forth from the storage location to store or office to retrieve files is not realistic. Paying a service provider can be cost prohibitive for frequently accessed records.  

How Can an Electronic Document Management System Help My Business?

Reliable document storage, retrieval, and backup are some of the most pivotal elements of a document management system. Once a record is created, it can be imaged and translated into a digital document and stored in the system. This process can often be automated either partially or entirely and enables businesses to efficiently access and retrieve files should a natural catastrophe take place. Data can be recovered remotely.  Having an electronic document management system virtually eliminates the upheaval that can occur following a disaster. 

The benefit of a document management system is the level of control and security it offers. It supports your entire document and information management needs. Furthermore, in the event of a disaster, your reports are safe and can be easily retrieved without interference. 

It is essential that when an electronic system is being chosen for document management, a comprehensive structure be selected to ensure success. CASNET offers comprehensive solutions that provide fluidity of daily operations for various industries. From creation to the destruction of documents, our selection of Document Management products involves the use of cloud-based services, scanning, and storage of records and many other features.

Contact us today to learn how to keep your files safe from disaster.

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