Why Make the Change to Paperless Medical Records

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Accuracy, transparency, accessibility and efficiency are positive attributes that businesses and consumers alike appreciate. When you implement paperless medical records, the cost effective benefits they exhibit make record-keeping and patient access to pertinent information the modern-day commodity. What makes paperless medical records appealing to clients and employees of the health industry?

The Why Behind Going Paperless

Here are some reasons why paperless medical records are revolutionizing the way the health sector does business:

  1. They achieve a noticeable reduction in costly expenditures.  Paper materials, ink cartridges, even printing machines themselves draw from the coffers of daily operations. When you cut back on the amount of mundane tasks involved in the printing process, needless labor and operating costs diminish as well.
  2. Saving time equates to saving money. For various transactions such as billing, and the day-to-day scheduling that is synonymous with many health establishments, paperless methods of record keeping promotes a notable ease in business dealings and incorporates invaluable time-saving elements.
  3. Patient records that are easily accessible across various devices create an open pathway to communication. This allows clients and their medical professionals to have the information they need at the click of a button rather than having to depend on numerous unpredictable variables to collect the information they need.
  4. They clear out the waste bin. Paper accounts for a large portion of the solid waste that is placed in landfills. Paper wasted represents money lost and environmental damage realized. Globally, pulp and paper production is one of the top five culprits in pollution of air, water and soil. How can you actively better your environment? Minimize the trash! You can ensure that a paperless record system simplifies your life.
  5. Paperless medical records are an organizer’s dream. It is troublesome to systematically peruse through file cabinets, desks or other bulky office furniture to find the exact paper(s) you need. Those in the health industry realize how valuable space is to professionals working in the medical field. Space that is utilized correctly provides clients with a positive environment and allows health professionals to perform their duties proficiently, without any inconvenient, cumbersome hindrances.
  6. The digital world is crossing over into the medical field. X-rays, charts, graphs and other media are made available to medical staff and those in their care to better understand a diagnosis, statistics or perhaps even treatment options that can better their quality of life. With paperless record keeping, past x-rays, test results, diagrams and other helpful tools let doctors visually see health needs clearly and patients gain access and understanding via a dependable resource.

Too Much Shuffling

Stacks of medical paperwork can seem overwhelming to medical staff and the clients who seek to find records, disclose information to health professionals or determine their next step to better health. If you need specific paperwork for an appointment, follow-up or perhaps future work evaluations, piles of accumulated medical records are a hassle to thumb through. You can avoid the maddening shuffle or the repetitive jargon that can be quite frankly, confusing and exhausting to scan through with, the right technology!

Paperless medical records bypass the need for time-consuming tasks that take too much effort for too little results. Counteract the threat of human error with a system that sets high standards for quality-control by compartmentalizing medical records through premium software. The sheer volume of medical paperwork that just one client accumulates can be a gargantuan task to organize, sort and make easily accessible. Simplify with paperless medical records and you might just prevent stress from becoming the number one staff and patient concern!  Contact CASNET today to start your digital transformation.

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