Boost Productivity and Teamwork with Online Document Management

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Many businesses lack the tools for effective online communication. Emails are inadequate as important information winds up in users’ inboxes and never leaves. It is difficult for them to track if they have the most current version of the document. In addition, many older collaboration tools are not up to serving a mobile workforce that is not working in standard office locations. Centralized cloud services like online document management systems are now a major aspect of developing effective collaboration processes. Recent advances in document management systems have provided the means for us to collaborate and work collectively without sacrificing efficiency.

Better Organization

When you keep your documents in a central location that all employees can access, they can work without having to send updated versions to team members via email. With the older generation of collaboration tools, employees ran into the issue of being locked out of a document or working on the wrong version of a document, and this often led to multiple errors within the overall project. This is not a concern when there is only one version of a document, with up-to-the-second updates.  Built in revision control and access logging features found today in document management systems also helps to overcome these issues.

Increased Participation

When you store your documents online, employees will not be left out of the loop. If you make it easy to access documents, employees will be more driven to work on projects knowing they will have access to the most current versions of project and process documents. With online document management, not only do all employees get the ability to provide their input, they can contribute from wherever they are at any time of day.

Large Files Are More Accessible

One of the many drawbacks of email is the limitations on file size; many email servers are unable to handle files larger than a few megabytes at a time. With online document management, you simply provide access to the servers where the large files reside so that there is no need to send them.

Updates Occur in Real Time

Given that updates occur in real time, multiple members of a team can work on the same project without having to create multiple paper copies or to be in the same room. Everyone has access to the most current version, which appears with any changes that are made to the online document. In addition, there is no confusion about which version of a document is the most recent when you are using online document storage to collaborate.


Whether you store documents electronically within your own document management system or in the Cloud, instant access to the current version of documents improves morale and efficiency. One of the big benefits of the Cloud is flexibility; you can scale up or down according to need. In either case, online document management enables you to add resources to account for the number of collaborators and the volume of their contributions.

The ability of online document management systems to make you better organized and to enable increased employee participation make it a far superior option when compared to paper copies, email and other older collaboration tools.  To start your digital transformation and learn more about Cloud-based document management, contact CASNET today.

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