Planning Your Digital Transformation Journey

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Are you seeking a fresh outlook on document storage? Here’s a helpful guide to streamline your document scanning and storage processes:

Step 1 – Which Data to Keep?

Today is the perfect time to begin thinking about data preservation, document storage, and scanning. Use this fresh start to think about the data that’s important to your business and what you want to scan and store. Not all documents will make the cut, and this is an opportunity to really ensure that you are not spending time and money to locate or store documents that may now be irrelevant. Review department procedures and ensure that all departments are adhering to the organization’s document retention policy.

Step 2 – Look for a Trusted Service Company

Start looking for a document scanning company. Compare services, prices, and reputations. Be prepared with questions you want answered, your timeline and priorities. CASNET offers a free consultation service so that you have a chance to really understand our services, and how we help add value to your business by making it more efficient. Be sure that the vendor you select provides a quality product. The low cost provider may not be providing the same level of service and quality. CASNET’s document capture integrates with over 60 enterprise content management systems (ECMs) including our own eSAFE.

Step 3 – Consult with Service Company & Make a Data Capture Plan

You’ve done your homework and price comparisons, and now it’s time to commit to a plan that suits your business needs. Consulting with employees about how they use data is important. Pinpoint the weaknesses and inefficiencies so that you can improve the workflow system. Decide who will have access to the data and how having your documents scanned and stored will enhance employee performance. Typically departments that handle money (accounts receivable, accounts payable) and logistics (distribution and shipping) benefit greatly from converting from paper to digital. You can digitally transform your organization one department at a time or all at once. A good service company will tailor a plan for your needs.

Step 4 – Make a New Workflow Plan for Your Business

Create a workflow plan and timeline so that you can continue to run the business despite not having all the documents. Planning will also help you to identify which of your workflow systems are performing efficiently and it may be an opportunity for significant change.

Step 5 – Embrace the Digital Transformation

Now you are noticing a change in the atmosphere of your business. Employees will feel more productive and efficient when they have the ability to access data easily and from anywhere at any time, especially with great internet services from using things like xfinity internet plans, allowing employees to work at a faster pace. Embrace this new environment!

Step 6 – Clear Away the Paper Clutter

Get rid of the paper documents that have been scanned. Depending upon your volume of documents, you may choose to use CASNET’s document destruction services to ensure that your records are safely destroyed for a cost that will suit your budget.

Step 7 – Enjoy the Benefits of Remote Access

Now that your documents are stored digitally, employees can access them from anywhere. This means that you can give the gift of life-work balance by creating flexible summer working arrangements that don’t compromise productivity. Better still, you can be on holiday and remain fully aware of what’s happening in your business and even collaborate and communicate with your staff.

Step 8 – Evaluate the System

A perfect time to take stock of the changes document scanning and storage have made in your business. Take the time to solicit employee and customer feedback. Are your employees more efficient? What notable changes have they made to their workflow systems?

Step 9 – Appreciate the Return on Investment

Enjoy the ease and efficiency your document scanning, and storage has given you. Celebrate your newfound employee productivity and the impact it has made on your profits.

For all your document scanning, storage, file destruction, and more, contact the experts at CASNET. We can help you through the entire process with ease and efficiency.

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