Top 5 Reasons to Start Document Scanning and Storage in 2018

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with paper in your workplace? Are you worried that paper clutter is causing loss of time and revenue in your business? If so, it’s time to make the move to paperless. Document scanning requires you to decide what is worthy of digitizing. It’s the tech version of a Spring-cleaning. It gives you the opportunity to review what’s worth keeping and either temporarily hold or discard what is not needed. The future is a paperless world. You’re helping the environment and creating a more streamlined and tidier working environment as well. Your employees will thank you, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Consider this your most essential New Year’s resolution for 2018. 

1. Creating a Productive Work Environment

Once you’ve had your documents scanned and created digital files, employee productivity will improve. No longer will you have to search through stacks of paper or unorganized filing cabinets to find what you’re looking for. With most people using some kind of cloud data service in their own lives, training should be minimal, and you can get on with business. Documents will be accessible and easy to find saving your employees time and frustration. 

2. Security 

Every business has sensitive documents that should be handled with care. Particularly if you are a healthcare or educational provider, you have files that must be stored for many years , regularly accessed and sometimes updated. Digitizing your files ensures that they are not lost and that they are stored in a secure environment so that important records are safe. 

3. Save Money 

Are you paying storage fees to store boxes of files? Is your workplace a hazardous maze of paper that is inefficient to access? Scanning your documents will actually save you money in the long run. The number of employees required to sort, file, and find data will be fewer, and your whole operation will benefit from a professional and simple digital document management system. 

4. Disclosure Laws and Legal Actions 

Legal disclosure laws require businesses to locate and provide documents quickly. There’s no time to search through boxes of paper. Scanning your paper files will ensure that if you are asked to provide documents, you can do so quickly and efficiently. 

Should your organization find itself in the unfortunate position of being named in a lawsuit and you have digitized your information, you will be able to quickly find the related documents and provide them to your attorney. They can use that instant access and the time before you are required to produce the documents to understand the facts and advise you on the best course of action. The alternative is to find, pull and make copies of everything including paper documents, emails and the digital files on everyone’s network folders and desktops. This unwieldly approach to managing documents will likely result in your attorneys receiving the documents at the same time as opposing counsel. They will then have to sort through all of the documents to determine which are relevant and if you have an issue. There are companies that have paid for their document conversion and management systems ten times over based solely on the costs they avoided not having their legal firms sort through hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of irrelevant documents, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit.

 5. The Cloud Makes Your Business More Efficient 

When you scan your documents and create a digital storage space, employees can access documents anytime and from anywhere. Think about the implications for improved productivity. You can create a better work-life balance for your employees and even offer more flexible working arrangements when documents can be accessed from anywhere. Additionally, with most management software, changes to documents will save automatically so your documents will always be up-to-date and current. 

To learn more about making 2018 the year your business goes paperless, contact CASNET today.

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