Serve Constituents Better With Government Document Management Systems

Government Document Management, Scanning & Storage and Workflow Systems
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If there is anything that governments have in common with multinational corporations, it’s the sheer size of the number of constituents they must serve and the volume of documents that they must manage and hold in order to serve them. Your constituents live in a “Google it” world where they have instant access to almost any information they could want. They expect to have real-time access to information from their government as well. Without a digital content repository located in a robust and feature rich document management system, both sides of the requests for documents will likely be left feeling wanting.

The Primary Aim of a Good Document and Information Management Company

Since efficiency is the key to the operation of a governmental agency, you should look for a document management services company that can help you convert your documents to digital files and help you improve your document related workflows. They must do this while also keeping your net operating expenses down. There can be no shortcuts, your staff, managers and upper-tier officials must have immediate access to support files no matter which department they are in.

Vendors that can convert your documents and can help you re-engineer your processes to leverage your digital record repository add additional value. The can enable staff to manage the documents that continuously enter the system, updating them in real time and leaving a historical record of changes in the computer system automatically. In the days of paper files, such a thing could take months; and usually only one person at a time could access and make changes because they were working with physical documents or their digital copy of an original. If you implement a document management system, you’ll notice that the incidence of errors and mismatched reports dwindle to practically zero because of the electronic history aspect of the new system.

Other Benefits of Electronic Document Management

The following is a drill-down of the other aspects of increased efficiency because of the digital document management:

  • You can easily integrate your document management system with other applications to such as accounting systems, court management systems and eve GIS related systems. As part of these integrations you can enable automated keyword-targeted search and retrieval.
  • There are definitive rules within the government as pertains to the destruction of documents; an electronic system makes it much easier to keep up and comply with these – in fact, you can automate both the document destruction and retention processes by the metrics you choose.
  • Workflow aided administrative processes such as accounts payable or records requests inside a document management system are much easier, and lead to improved internal efficiency and accountability within the organization.
  • If you store your records in the cloud, files can now be accessed via mobile device from nearly anywhere.

The cost of storage is also drastically reduced when compared to the cost of storing high volumes of physical records, particularly with the ability to utilize redundancies since your data is now in such a small space. Some organizations can get every single file in an external hard drive, password-protect it, and upload the contents onto a cloud server to facilitate access from multiple locations at once. It’s safe to say that the electronic storage route is the best current method of making your files accessible, while also securing them and protecting them from destruction. Placing them into a document management system provides the incremental benefit of additional protection from accidental moving or deleting the files, faster access and the ability to process documents through automated workflows.

Contact CASNET today to learn about document storage solutions and get a free expert consultation on the right system for you.

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