Support Your Remote Workers with the Right Technology

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According to a recent MIT survey of HR leaders, organizations can do a lot to help their workforce successfully transition to a remote work environment. Communication and technology ranked as the top areas where leaders can make a concrete difference in how their workforces adapt. Phone support, internet access, and an email system are all pretty much no-brainers. But how do you get all that office paperwork into the hands of the people who need it?

Use a Document Management System for Paper & Digital Files

Providing a document management system, such as eSAFE by CASNET, is a digital file cabinet that makes it easy to access the office paperwork securely – from anywhere. Electronic documents hit two birds with one stone. Instantly see where a document is in terms of being processed. No more emailing or calling asking where a specific document is. Simply access it in the digital file cabinet and your questions are answered. Technology AND communication improved? Check.

Paper is Still Around...for Now

While email and other types of electronic communication dominate our daily lives, much of the world still relies on paper to conduct its business. There is the legacy of old paperwork as we transition to digital workloads. Daily conversions can take time and focus away from employees that are struggling with information in the wrong format. Partnering with an outsource business service provider, such as CASNET, can streamline the workflow so your employees have all the information they need right at their fingertips. Improve efficiency? Check.

Interested in learning more? Start with one project or start with the whole office. CASNET is here for you.

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