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EIM, ECM & Cloud Security

Making an organizational change is never easy, especially when the change affects someone’s daily process.  One of the paramount concerns at every organization is the security and protection surrounding their

Connected Solutions Equal Good Decisions Sustaining Your Public Utility, Part 2– Building Integrated Solutions

Last time we talked about the challenges of running a public utility and the volume of the paper created and used to run your public utility.  This time we will

Five Ways ECM Keeps You Competitive

 It’s not just paper. It’s also the emails, forms, reports and document-based processes that nearly every organization still struggles to control. That’s why an effective use of enterprise content management

Your Community Development Makeover: 3 Key Technology Tools

The process of creating a community has always fascinated me. I love maps and I love the idea that, with planning, we can create communities that are beautiful to live

Document Management for Utilities Part 1 – Information is the Key

Each day, city and county residents rely on your local, publicly-owned utilities to provide them with electricity, water, and sewer infrastructure. Like other types of infrastructure, these are critical pieces

The New Plan Review: 3 Keys To A More Efficient Process

Facing piles of plan sets to review is a great indicator of your community’s health. Sensible, well-designed growth means more community amenities, jobs and tax revenues. Speed of review and

Automating the AP/AR Financial Processes

This week I am sharing a white paper written by AIIM International, the leading association covering the ECM industry, titled Automating AP/AR Financial Processes – User feedback on the real

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