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Paperless Plan Review

Reviewing the plans that drive your local community and economic development is one of the most important and, at times, contentious activities you face. Consider the typical paper-based plan review

Ten Benefits of Going Paperless

Converting from paper-based to paperless can be intimidating but with a plan and properly trained staff, the concerns and fears about paperless can easily be overcome. Paperless businesses improve the

Tales of the Planning Department

Are you trapped in a paper-based planning department? As an OnBase by Hyland partner, let us help you escape.

The Paperless Office

We’ve all been in the situation when we’re positive we’ve left an item somewhere, and it isn’t where we left it. We all misplace things, we swear we left it

You Have Heard It For Years, The Paperless Office: Are You Any Closer?

Since the mid 1990’s people have discussed making their office paperless. Right? Some twenty plus years later organizations are still discussing going paperless, now we refer to this activity or

The New Plan Review: 3 Keys To A More Efficient Process

Facing piles of plan sets to review is a great indicator of your community’s health. Sensible, well-designed growth means more community amenities, jobs and tax revenues. Speed of review and

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