The Benefits of Going Paperless and Process Automation in Distribution Companies

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Going paperless and using process automation can benefit your company in many ways. Management saves time accessing digital content and monitoring the flow of work; there are fewer errors due to misplacement of documentation, costs are reduced by the time saved and even the environment benefits. A centralized managed repository of documents supported by automated workflows also eases the access to information across the organization and makes life simpler for everyone. A less complicated workplace is a workplace that functions better.

More Time for What Matters

One of the traditional hindrances to management has been directly overseeing business processes to ensure that they worked properly. With process automation and the reduction in the overall volume of paper, management no longer has to directly oversee many parts of the various business processes they are responsible for. This is because of the software’s ability to facilitate and report on matters such as payroll, approval routing and scheduling. Management can automatically be notified of exceptions and delays so a manager no longer must micromanage these aspects of the business, as they can merely track the systems’ metrics, which works just as well for staying on top of processing statuses. With this change management can focus on where they add value and focus on the human aspects of keeping morale solid while building their disparate employees into a real team that does its best work.

Error Control

Errors are going to occur whenever data is entered by human hands. Traditionally, the paper trail that normally flowed through offices led to a fair amount of errors that had to be double checked in order to ensure that no permanent damage occurred. Fortunately, the use of a paperless process facilitated through automation has reduced the overall incidence of errors considerably where it has been implemented. The less paper your office uses, the less time a human eye and human mind are required to key, verify and oversee the data. This leads to a dramatic decrease in the chances to make errors, which in turn decreases their incidence.

Cost Inhibition

It has been said that other than some very specialized chemicals, printing ink is the most expensive substance by volume. Often a substantial portion of an office’s budget is dedicated to handling the physical storage of files, the printing supplies and the copier repair costs associated with using paper records and manual processes. Even though more specialized types of paper such as carbon paper are no longer in widespread usage, paper on the whole is expensive and its storage is a wasteful of space. Using digital documents and process automation can greatly reduce the costs associated with paper and may even be able to reduce the amount of office space you use, freeing up space for other more important applications.

Environmental Benefit

Paper comes from taking down trees, which is not a politically correct thing to support in the modern world. In addition to the initial damage to the world’s air supply, much of the paper that is used ends up going into landfills instead of being recycled. Using paper is known to be detrimental to the environment at both ends of its life cycle. While controlling your budget and having an efficient workplace are both very powerful arguments for process automation and going paperless, the environment and the good PR this approach presents for your company are also worthy of note.

More Overall Effectiveness

Management naturally benefits from not having to go over every detail with a fine toothed comb. In addition, because these systems are driven by the content which is stored within the system as part of the process, the documents you need to solve a customer issue or to support your business during audits are always there, unlike the paper-based process. However, one of the most important and largest reaching advantages to going paperless and utilizing process automation comes down to how much more effective everyone in your office can be. When your systems handle most of the data acquisition, storage and dissemination, everyone in your office can find the information they need quickly, regardless of where they are geographically.

A more effective workplace begins with being paperless, and continues with overall process automation.  Contact CASNET today to see how automation can benefit your organization.

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