Why Cloud Document Storage is Ideal For Businesses

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Several practical considerations will determine the best document storage option for your business. Moving to the cloud is a smart idea, whether you own a small company or a large business that processes a high volume of documents every single week.

Cloud document storage ensures an ease of access and scalability that doesn’t come with any other solution. Statistics show that 52 percent of companies that move to cloud storage report increased efficiency. The top reasons for making the move include increased flexibility, reduced cost and better security. According to 94 percent of managers, security has improved significantly after opting for cloud document storage.


This is probably the biggest cloud document storage benefit. Since there’s no physical hardware that the company must maintain for record keeping, a cloud solution is incredibly flexible and scalable and eliminates the upfront capital investment in computers and software.

Cloud storage can grow as the business changes and experiences an increase or decrease in the number of documents being processed.

Businesses pay solely for the storage that they’re using. There’s no need to buy  a fixed  amount of storage capacity up front without knowing whether it’s ever going to be fully utilized. This scalability also contributes to cloud-based document storage being much more affordable than the alternatives.

A High Level of Security

Choosing the cloud for database establishment will enable your business to enjoy an array of security features. Traffic between the client and the cloud will be SSL encrypted as a primary form of protection. Access keys may also be utilized for the purpose of user authentication. It’s also important to point out that when a deletion takes place, all copies are removed from the cloud.

Since data is stored on the cloud, it’s also protected from technological problems that could occur at the office. Even if a computer (or a server) goes down, the data will be stored at a completely different location that ensures the prevention of important document loss.

Better Document Control

Cloud document storage allows for better control over the files. In the past, people working on the same documents had to send them back and forth. Changes were made, sections were added and it was difficult to track progress or maintain a record of the most up-to-date versions.

With cloud storage, collaboration and document control are both simplified.

By its nature, cloud document storage solutions facilitate creating and using one central database. People in different offices, coworkers and business partners will all have access to the same versions. After an edit is made, the newest version of the file will be stored and displayed. Better document control enhances collaborations and it can even contribute to a higher level of productivity.

Business Continuity

If you travel a lot or you must access a database from multiple locations, you’ll enjoy a cloud-based solution. Cloud document storage ensures business continuity because important files will be available everywhere, as long as a person has internet access. This solution is ideal for companies with multiple offices, employing the services of freelancers or supporting telecommuting employees.

You can open a document using a different device every single time. You can make edits on the go – in the subway, during a vacation or even a family gathering. The office space is no longer the only one enabling you to complete important tasks.

These are some of the main reasons why more businesses will be adopting cloud solutions in 2017. The prominence of the cloud will continue to grow, turning it in the record management medium of the future.  Contact CASNET today to learn how our document capture works with multiple systems including our own Cloud-based eSAFE.

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