Why Use Student Records Document Scanning Services

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It’s the time of year where students are enjoying the summer before they head back off to school. This is also a time where new students are applying and sending in information for their future enrollment. This information is important for them to continue their education, which means it’s important that the schools store this information properly. Paper documents are not always the best storage and archival method of these documents, which have a very long retention period. This is why student records document scanning is quickly becoming a vital resource at your disposal.

Save Space

When you rely on paper document storage you run the risk of taking away vital space, something that is a premium in most educational facilities. Be it in classrooms themselves, additional filing rooms in offices, staff lounges or libraries, paper documents begin to pile up in every filing cabinet the school owns and continuously consumes new space. In addition to that, most schools are legally required to keep the documentation from students that have long graduated. This means that decades of paperwork will continue to pile up.

With a student records scanning service, these concerns are no more. All these documents can be safely scanned and saved to hard drives and computers where you see fit.

Protected Against Physical Damage

Another benefit that comes with student records document scanning, is the ability to protect these records from any form of physical harm. This can come from a fire, flood, or any other type of disaster. A room full of paper documents is always going to be at risk. Not only do digital copies take up very little space, they are safer from harm.

Information is More Secure

Student’s information can be very personal, and this means it is vital to keep this information safe from getting into the wrong hands. Locking up cabinets and storage rooms is only so helpful, and by simply misplacing a key, chaos could erupt. With student record document scanning, the information is stored in a password-protected system. This means only the users that have the right password can login and have access to this information. If you are using a document management system, you can also see who is accessing these records.

Quicker Access

Students are going to be coming in and out of the office all day needing to change information or ensure that they have provided the correct information. This can be a hassle can lower productivity levels if they have to stand around waiting for employees to locate their information. With digital documents it can be as simple as logging into a computer. A few simple keystrokes and their information is right in front of the employee, no need to hunt down files or leave their desk. This means students can get back to their studies quicker and employees can be more productive.

With the growing popularity in education, more and more people are going back to school and seeking higher education. This means more and more information needs to be stored. If you are currently using the old paper methods of keeping records, you are doing your students a great disservice. It’s time to find a new way to do things with student records document scanning. This keeps their information more secure and easily accessible.  Contact CASNET today to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help your organization. 


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