Why You Need Paperless Medical Records

Why You Need Paperless Medical RecordsToday there are a number of different technologies at your disposal, all meant to make your life easier and more organized. One of these is paperless medical records. If you are still stuck in the past with piles of paper medical records, you are doing yourself a disservice. Here are some reasons why it is time for you to go with paperless medical records.

Less Clutter

With paper medical records you need a place to store them, this means that you could have a few filing cabinets or even entire rooms dedicated to just storing files. Not only do you need to save the original copy, but you have backup copies in case something happens to the original. With paperless medical records you can have the originals and the backup copies storied in a digital file, no space needed.

Saves Your Staff Time

Working with paper medical records means you have to hunt them down every time you need them. This can mean you are going through file after file just to find one piece of paper. It also means it takes more effort for you to forward these files to another office. Paperless medical records are simple, all you need is a few keystrokes to find the information you were looking for. Don’t worry about information getting into the wrong hands; with paperless medical records your documents are secure with a password secure system, so information is readily available to those who have permission to access it.

Safe from Disaster

Paper medical records can be a risk for a number of things that can go wrong. Not only can they be lost or misplaced, they are at risk for being destroyed. This can happen through anything from being lost or misplaced, or disasters like fires or leaking pipes. While keeping backups can help keep your documents save, it can be a hassle to have to keep two of everything. Paperless medical records are stored on a hard drive that is far more difficult to destroy. In addition, back-up copies of documents can be saved to a Cloud system that is free of any disaster risk.

Going Green

When you use paperless medical records, you are going green and helping the environment. Having a smaller paper requirement means that there will be less demand placed on paper companies that need to cut down trees to fit their needs. In addition, old paperwork won’t be placed into landfills that serve no benefit, or sent to recycling centers that use a significant amount of power and water.

More and more medical offices are turning towards paperless medical records to utilize the technology advantages of daily life. With all of the benefits of paperless documentation, it is time that your practise considers a scanning service to help you quickly jump into this advanced technique of information storage!


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