Capture | Integrate | Deliver

CASNET’s Capture, Integrate, and Deliver (CID) model brings a comprehensive solution to your Information Management issues. Whether your records remain in a paper, film, or even digital format, we bring a fresh approach that allows for total digital access to all your documents.

CASNET captures your information regardless of the source

To CASNET, capture is the process by which we take your incoming files, regardless of the original source (paper, FTP files, e-files, IVR files, x-rays, drawings, and more), and convert them into digital images that can be integrated into your current software. In fact, CASNET makes this process simple by viewing capture as more than just scanning. We work with you to provide creative solutions that meet your capture needs.

While your documents and files are vital to your success, the retrieval process is often time consuming and the cost of maintaining your documents is continually growing. At CASNET, we understand the need for these files to be stored and linked to the staff electronically.

CASNET can integrate your data with your applications

Integration is how CASNET will connect your electronic files with your current software or document management solution. Our integration experts at CASNET will not only provide integration with document management software, but connect these vital records to specific software applications such as Accounting, AP/AR, Human Resources, and Court software or specialty software such as QuickBooks™ or SAP®.

CASNET will work with you and your IT staff to integrate your digital images into your chosen solution. This creates a comprehensive approach to true document management and allows for greater access to your information and flexibility in retrieving it. Through our integration process, you will save time and money by freeing up costly office space used for file storage and reduce the time that employees spend on document search, retrieval, and re-filing.

QuickBooks™ and SAP® are registered products of their respective entities.

CASNET can deliver your digital images

At CASNET, we can efficiently load your digital images into any solution in multiple ways. We can take the digital images and, through our safe and secured FTP connection, upload them to your server or directly into your software solution.

Should your company or organization prefer, we will deliver the images, including the index values, on CD/DVD media or external hard drives. This allows your staff to ingest the data into your solution and also provides an electronic backup that can be stored, preferably off-site.

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