Financial Document Management & Storage

Financial Document Management & Storage

Prospective customers expect instant results more than ever. They don’t want to fax anything and they certainly don’t want to drive down to an office to meet with your staff just to find out if you will provide them with a loan or other service. They want to fill out a form online, take a picture of any required documents, and text the “documents” to the your organization, from their smartphone. They then expect to get an answer instantly. If you cannot do that, they are looking for someone that can.

This expectation is great burden on the team processing those requests, especially if they are moving paper around, storing electronic files on share drives, and meeting the consumers expected. Does your team have the tools required to meet these expectations and the competitor who is easily found on the internet who does?

As a financial institution, you rely on your core business platform to get work done. Nevertheless, right now, many financial institutions realize they need document workflow capabilities beyond what their core banking platforms provide. Your competitors are finding that electronic document workflow can help them automate, optimize, and connect their business processes so they can handle service requests faster and more efficiently.

Faster answers mean fewer impatient, would-be customers being lost to competitors that can respond more quickly. The new system must also easily and reliably provide documentation to internal and external stakeholders, including auditors and regulators.

Are you ready to stop relying on paper and share drives to connect your organization and make the right documents available for the right people to access quickly and easily? If so, contact us, and we will take the time to understand how your team works today and how we can help you satisfy customers in today’s world.

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