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CASNET is committed to working with businesses to provide quality, cost effective, and ROI supported technologies and document conversion services.

Manufacturing today is more challenging that it has ever been. It is not enough to manufacture a good product; you must also deal with ever-increasing regulatory concerns, rapidly changing technology, and a volume of information and documentation that is expanding exponentially. In addition, there is historical bias in many companies to invest in plants and machines instead of information technology. This bias puts these companies behind their peers who have discovered that strategic advantage of leveraging software and automated business process.

Our best-in-class approach ensures that your company and staff’s needs will be addressed and solutions will be provided that will deal with the core issues, not just the symptoms. Our professional staff will work with you and your team to; discover problem areas, address your concerns and provide the right solution the first time. We will use a Lean approach to optimize your business by minimizing waste in every area of your organization. We often provide solutions that extend across the organization enabling all of the departments to take advantage of one shared document and data repository where everyone has access to the most current and accurate information. We regularly implement new document management systems in Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable, and then add incremental content to support Human Resources, Engineering, Operations, Quality, Legal, and Customer Service. A single source solution means that your organization can effectively support the customer and each other with minimal churn and instant access to vital information. Automating workflows across the organization will expedite most business processes and improve customer service and cash flow.

Accounts Payable

If your business is receiving a high of volume paper, emails, or data files, you know what a challenge it can be to get that information in the right hands at the right time. Processing payables from paper costs more, takes more time and leads to a greater chance of introducing errors. It can also create frustration in your organization and your customers when information is not readily accessible. Even if you are no longer receiving a high volume of paper documents, the emails, faxes, and EDI data files streaming into your organization are not much better if you do not have effective tools to format,  store, manage and access them. Email server inbox rules are one way to automate some of this information flow, but that process is complicated and messy. The email server approach still does not effectively facilitate access to the right information at the right time in an automated workflow or worse, it is set up to share the information with everyone in the organization causing tens or even hundreds of unnecessary emails. When emails are not shared with everyone it is inevitable that the critical email your team needs is locked up in the email box of the person that is on vacation.

CASNET’s approach to these challenges is to use the paper and electronic documents, such as inbound Invoices and outbound POs, to kick off automated workflows. The first step is to convert the paper and get all of the documents into your system. This ensures that these transactions are addressed in a timely and consistent fashion. It preserves a perfect record of all of the documents, notes, and communications that were a part of the process. It also reduces training time and automatically creates information that the management team can use to effectively lead the organization. This approach provides everyone has one source of the truth.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable process can be challenging, but it is the life’s blood of all commercial enterprises. If the invoices are not sent in a timely fashion, if you cannot prove that you sent it, or cannot quickly retrieve supporting documents, such as customer POs or LTL Proofs of Delivery, then cash flow slows.  Your team wastes time researching issues and then calling the customer multiple times trying to get them on the phone. Improve your accounts receivable functionality through CASNET by automating your department. Stop wasting time and money by manually doing discount management and handling your AR functions in a paper format or via email.

Human Resources

There is a fight for talent in the today’s market. Inefficient paper based processes that require candidates to fill out multiple paper forms with the same information can turn off prospective employees, especially millennials. The Human Resources (HR) department is crucial to supporting an organization’s staffing requirements and getting the right people in the correct seats. HR has their hands in managing current employees, job applications, the dissemination of information to employees, and enforcement of the company’s policies and procedures — all of which deal with shuffling a lot of information and tracking the status of reviews, new hires, grievances, promotions, transfers, etc. As this information is constantly in motion throughout the entire organization, it is often difficult as well as time consuming to find the relevant information and the most current status of an issue or applicant. Implementing automation into your HR processes enables managers and staff to focus on serving employees instead of filling out redundant or lost paperwork. Lost documentation can result in increased cost, and also has potential legal ramifications. Housing files digitally facilitates efficient audits and reduces the risk of compliance issues while assuring the organization that files are secure, meeting record retention policies.

CASNET can help Human Resources departments to automate hiring, on-boarding and reviews enabling the human resource professional to be a more strategic partner to the company. We can also help automate the processes used to retain or destroy documents in compliance with local, state and federal regulation retention and destruction of personnel records. In addition, we can help you put automated workflows that ensure that policies and assessments are uniformly implemented and enforced across departments and physical locations.

Customer Service

Customers call and the call is usually related to the products and services that your organization delivers.  It does not matter if the question is regarding an invoice or the status of an order, in either case you are much more likely to close that inquiry on the first call if your Customer Service team has instant access to all of the documents that your organization creates both internal and customer facing. Regardless of your industry, a comprehensive document management system will provide them the access to information required to satisfy customers and reduce serving costs.

If the organization uses the power of an integrated document management system to process orders and invoices, customer service will automatically have access to the information required to support customers. Customer POs, AR Invoices, Bills of Lading related to shipments, production specifications, customer specifications and QA documents such as PPAPS are all available to Customer Service so that they can normally effect a one-call resolution of customer issues.

CASNET will help all of the departments in the organization to record and process transaction more effectively n a centralized repository. Out ability to automatically capture information from the ERP ensures that there is a complete record in the documents management system. As a result of these efforts Customer Service with have access to information from every department from Accounting to Operations and from QA to Transportation.


Managing engineering change notices, engineering change requests, drawing revisions, customer configurations, batch recipe changes, etc. can be complicated within an engineering department. While some design platforms help facilitate this process, sharing all of that information with customers, accounting quality, and production staff can be overwhelming. Using engineering release and control software to serve these needs can make the process even more expensive and complex. In working with our business analyst and sales professionals, we will investigate and understand your unique process. We then apply our business re-engineering methodology and software tools to move your organization closer to your desired efficiency and customer service objectives. As part of that process, we will educate your organization on how to electronically capture your information from any format (mail, fax, e-mail, CAD, ESIRA, etc.), and connect that content directly with the systems that you use to process those transactions today. Our goal is to cost effectively supplement your existing line of business systems so that you can leverage the investments that you have already made. We also provide a platform for employees outside of engineering to access the information they need without consuming expensive engineering software seat licenses.

The automated approval workflows, comprehensive document management and exception handling tools inherent in the systems that CASNET implements enable Engineering teams with limited resources to be more strategic and less transactional.


CASNET understands the difficulties associated with creating, maintaining and producing documentation in a timely manner in order to respond to legal action and help mitigate risk. Through our proven document management practices, CASNET has assisted legal departments in managing compliance and responding to requests as well as audits. Organizations face challenges related to managing and approving contracts every day. Purchase Orders, Statements of Work, Contracts with customers and contracts with vendors are all examples. Access to these documents is critical, but so is the application and maintenance of legally mandated retention policies. CASNET leverages its experience to assist organizations and their legal departments with securely managing legal and intellectual property, assuring availability when needed. CASNET will work with your organization’s record retention policies and leverage industry best practices to ensure that you have the processes and tools that you need to protect your vital records and give easy access to documents for appropriate users.

The automated approval workflows, comprehensive document management, and exception handling tools inherent in the systems that CASNET implements enable Legal teams with limited resources to be more strategic and less transactional.


Creating ISO procedures and maintaining them can place a heavy burden on Quality teams. Processes must be created, reviewed, and approved at the start of the process. Then they must be maintained by the department managers who often are already taxed and no longer feel the same need to respond that they did when the original Certification was pursued. In addition, there are inspection and testing documents to create and exceptions to be managed. There is also the growing requirement to provide this information to customers, such as Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation well after the product has been produced and shipped.

The automated approval workflows, comprehensive document management and exception handling tools inherent in the systems that CASNET implements enable Quality teams with limited resources to be more strategic and less transactional.

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