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Information in the Right Format at the Right Time

Access all of your files & records with a few clicks of a mouse.

With the growing cost of storing and searching for your paper files, CASNET provides solutions that will reduce costs & meet retention policies, while supporting your compliance requirements by securing your vital documents.

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For K-12, manage vital records according to the ORC-2 schedule.

Constant influxes of paper student graduation files, finance voucher packets, or personnel records can physically overload your space.  Manage several different types of files effortlessly in one place.

Higher education solutions seamlessly intergrate with institutional databases.

Already have a system in place for storing records?  CASNET can optimize your efficiency by providing digital inputs that are compatible with over 60+ enterprise content management systems.  No need to buy a new software system and re-invent the wheel.  Let CASNET make the most out of your existing document management system to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

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Interested in microfilm? We do that too.

Whether you need records put on microfilm, microfilm put to digital, or duplication of microfilm records, CASNET has decades of experience handling delicate information and transforming it into useful formats.

Learn about digital transformation & let’s remake tomorrow together.