Accounts Payable

CASNET Accounts PayableIf your business is like the majority, then 80% of your invoices are still received on paper. Processing from paper costs more, takes more employees, leads to greater chances of errors, and will bring frustration to your department. With CASNET’s accounts payable process, you will increase your department’s efficiency while reducing cost and overhead.

Using automated invoice routing, CASNET shows you how much faster you can process your invoices, connecting them with related documents for review and approval. In working with our professional sales consultants, we’ll explain how to electronically capture your documents from any format (mail, fax, e-mail, etc.) and connect them directly with your ERP or accounting solution, adding value to your existing software.

CASNET Revenue Services

Seeking a partner to handle the complete process? CASNET’s Business Process Outsourcing solution allows you to maximize your business processes through outsourcing the daily functions associated with your front office and back office processing.

Accounts Receivable

Improve your accounts receivable functionality through CASNET by automating your department. Stop wasting time and money by manually doing deduction management and handling your AR functions in a paper format.

With CASNET’s expertise in AR improvement, we will show you how to maximize your AR deductions to gain favorable discounts, pricing and verification from your vendors. Through our automated workflows and process improvements, we work with you to improve your customer service, reduce operating costs, and increase your bottom line.

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