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From auditor to public health, we understand that not all departments, levels, and branches of government operate exactly the same.  Working with different levels of government, CASNET has demonstrated the ability to improve processes & efficiency, reduce cost, and protect & deliver critical information.

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Roll of film

Interested in microfilm? We do that too.

Whether you need records put on microfilm, microfilm put to digital, or duplication of microfilm records, CASNET has decades of experience handling delicate information and transforming it into useful formats.


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Secure paper trails & workflows provide peace of mind & increase accuracy, accountability and efficiency.

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Automate the agenda, minutes and journaling efforts and improve communication & transparency.

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Manage and record all payments with an automated system that can handle both digital & paper inputs.

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Oversee development plans, contracts - paper, digital & large format - all in one place to improve efficiency.​

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Data is vital to the relationship the Sheriff’s office holds with residents, median, courts, and attorneys. Capture, store, manage, and share the files as required and comply with Records Retention Policies.

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Records Center

Paper, microfilm, & digital files and other important records are seemlessly integrated in a secure Cloud-based platform allowing for ease of retrieval and compliance with Record Retention Policies.

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The Clerk of Courts is the center of data management for the court system. Integrate, redact, preserve, and share court records through the right channels to the right users and courts with the right security as required.

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Board of Elections

Track, store, and manage paper and digital records of voter registrations, filing issues and candidates, and auditing election results all in one system.

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Geographic Information System (GIS) provides an accurate digital map of the county. Link the supporting files digitally to the map, layer, or display being viewed.

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Public Health

The HITECH Act encouraged healthcare providers to go digital while still remaining HIPAA compliant. Bridge areas where compliance wasn’t encouraged, such as digitally reporting to public health departments.


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City Council

Agenda minutes, requests, and supporting documents require a staff member(s) to spend hours weekly to gather copy and distribute the Council Packets and update them after each City Council meeting. Cut through clutter & inefficiency with automation that can capture signatures & create digital journal entries.

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Human Resources

Responsible for all personnel management and support, the HR Department requires solid file structure and management. Too often this is done in paper files, folders, and cabinets full of current and past employee records. We understand this and have assisted numerous HR departments in freeing themselves from managing files like they did 50 years ago.

Tax forms

Income Tax

Manage tax payers’ current and historical files within the tax system. Reduce the cost of managing physical files and increasing tax payer relations by only keeping the required forms and files, while providing a method to audit and capture deletion of documents when they exceed the required retention.

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Enable the Planning and Development departments to automate the permit approval and building process tracking all aspects of the project. Improve customer relations and decrease the time required to approve proposed plans.

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Accurate data and fiscal records are the key to making informed decisions. Reduce bottlenecks and improve efficiency with a system that integrates paper & digital information.

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Police, Fire, Dispatch, and EMS all require reports to be created and maintained. Paper and digital records can be effortlessly combined into one record retention system.

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