CASNET is focused on you and the challenges you are facing. We work intimately with Ohio Government Offices and over the past two decades have brought best practices to address the needs of your office. From State to County to Local Government, we recognize the need to protect and provide access to your vital records while understanding public record laws and the impact they bring to each department or office.

In working with Ohio Government Offices, CASNET has earned the reputation as the go-to company for meeting the issues you face and integrating office technologies such as Court Management, GIS, SAP®, or Income Tax solutions.


CASNET Court ServicesCASNET understands the court system and the need to provide the best service for your constituents. Our approach has been proven to increase the efficiency of the court while reducing the operating costs of managing the court records.

Whether you need scanning, filming, or a complete integration with your Court Management Software (CMS), CASNET has the track record and reputation of effectively serving courts throughout Ohio. Our professional staff will work with you and your team to address, discover, and provide the right products and services the first time. This ensures optimal return on investment and makes your processes more efficient and effective.

Our integration starts with screen scraping that enables images to be retrieved from your CMS (CourtView™, Henschen™, etc.) cases without leaving your current Court Management screen. Next, we offer button level integration that ensures database matches and provides auto-indexing. Finally, we move into e-filing and e-journalizing combined with archive transfer to create a paperless court.

CourtView™ and Henschen™ are registered products of their respective entities.

Municipal Income Tax

CASNET provides Tax Departments a way to achieve a faster responses to taxpayers and business entities, while creating a faster collection of taxes owed. CASNET Revenue Services leverages our professional Data Entry process that assures your Tax Department that each indexed value is complete and matches the values for each taxpayer.

CASNET Revenue Services

A major benefit found by tax departments is CASNET’s ability to eliminate time, cost, delays, and possible errors associated with the manual data entry of each return. Through our conversion and indexing process, CASNET will export the vital information directly into your Tax Solution, which eliminates duplication and time consuming manual data processing. Additionally, CASNET will provide a file showing who has paid and who still owes taxes.

CASNET will create and mail the “Failure to File” letters at the time of data entry, thus eliminating timely delays. This will allow the taxing entity to receive owed taxes up to six months faster than with current manual processes. Faster collections brings higher revenues and will be achieved through the CASNET Revenue Services solution.

CASNET Revenue Services also offers a Lockbox solution to assist the taxing entity in processing the thousands of returns received and in getting the images and data to the tax department within 72 hours. As the daily mail is delivered to CASNET, we handle all the preparation, scanning, indexing, and data entry of each return, W-2, or W-3 and all supporting documents for you while making the deposits into your account. With our efficient process, we will assist your Tax Department with collecting the owed taxes faster and more efficiently, while identifying outstanding balances at the time owed, not months later.

CASNET will work with you so that you can operate at maximum efficiency in collecting taxes and serving your constituents. A major benefit found by tax departments is CASNET’s ability to eliminate the manual data entry process. Through our conversion and indexing process, we will import the vital information into your tax software and eliminate the duplication and time consuming manual data processing.

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