County Government Document Management Systems & Scanning

County Government Document Management Systems & Scanning

Yesterday’s methods are not tomorrow’s solutions.  Put CASNET’s two plus decades of focusing on your challenges to work for you, allowing us to provide the best in class solution to address your concerns.    Working with County Governments, CASNET has demonstrated the ability to improve their processes, reduce cost, protect and deliver critical information allowing Agencies and Departments to run more efficiently. From Auditor to Utilities, CASNET understands that not all County Government operate exactly the same.  In serving the needs of counties for over 20 years, we leverage our extensive experience to assure the needs for each department is met with individual focus but ties to the vision of entire County plans.


The Auditor is responsible to assure accuracy and accountability in maintaining and reporting the County’s financial systems.  Whether it is Tax Duplicates or Weights and Measures, the records are the responsibility of the Auditor to verify as correct.  CASNET realizes that managing the entire County’s audit trail in paper is inefficient, costly, and therefore provides a solid solution to efficiently and effectively manage the process through a document management solution.   In scanning and indexing services, to installation of information management software and workflows, CASNET provides the Auditor with the peace of mind that they are protecting the County’s records in a secure system.


Through automating the agenda, minutes and journaling efforts for the Commissioners, CASNET provides the department with greater efficiency and accuracy, while reducing operation cost. Through our professional analysis, we can provide your department with a clear roadmap to improve county communications, transparencies, and effectiveness in meeting the high demands of the county managers, and county residence improving the County’s image and bottom line.


Treasure while responsible for managing and recording all payments to the county as governed by the Ohio Revised Code.  This entails collecting and recording the payments from taxes, utility bills, and fees.  The county budget is based on accurate records of the monies owed and collected.  CASNET understands the issues faced by the Treasurer and is available to design an efficient and effective solution to track, manage, and provide accurate reporting to the residents and County leadership.    Whether paper or digital, managing the data and records requires planning and understanding of how all aspects of a system connect.


As the caretaker of the county roads, bridges, and culvers etc., the County Engineer deals with volumes of documentation and drawings in both digital and paper format.  In managing the contracts, drawings, bids and project plans, record management has become a major time consumer and a burden of the job.  CASNET can eliminate the headache of preserving, managing, and sharing the files as required through a “Best in Class” document management solution.   Our conversion bureau and business analysis will work with the Engineer to develop a system to scan, store, and manage the files providing access to staff, contractors, and residents when and where required.



Today the Sheriff is faced with more requirements and request for data.  This data is vital to the relationship the Sheriff’s office holds with residents, median, courts, and attorneys.   CASNET continues to be a leader in working to improve the way information is managed, secured, and shared.  From videos to incident reports, concealed carry, to inmate medical forms, CASNET has a proven solution to capture, store, manage, and share the files as required and meeting the Records Retention Policies.

Records Center

In most counties the Records Center is the central location for managing and tracking records and files.  Working with all county departments, the Records Center traditionally stores and manages paper files, microfilm, and responds to request to provide specific information in short timeframes upon request.  While effective, it is becoming clear that long term solutions need to include a digital records platform that addresses the County’s Record Retention Policies, and need to share vital records securely.  CASNET has the history of assisting Records Departments in design, implementation, and support to establish an effective and efficient solution that can manage all file formats; digital, paper, and microfilm.


The Clerk of Courts office is the center of the court system.  Handling the filings, dockets and all court related documents for Civil, Domestic, and Criminal cases, the court requires a proven methodology in managing and distributing of records.   CASNET has assisted multiple courts in integrating their filing system with their courts line of business to provide a complete active and archive records management solution.  Our expert team of business  analyst will assist your court to integrate, redact, preserve, and share court records through the right channels to the right users and courts with the right security as required.

Utilizing document management software and our professional services team, CASNET will provide a complete solution that allows your staff to work from the court software, while accessing vital records that are normally kept outside the system in paper files.  This integration will allow for increased production from the staff while reducing the time, cost and physical requirements of managing associated and separate files.

Board of Elections

Responsible for the registration of voters, managing the elections, filing the issues and candidates, to auditing the results the Board of Elections is responsible for tracking, storing, and managing records.  CASNET can assist in converting the files into a digital image through our conversion bureau allowing for better record management and faster record retrievals.  Once the paper is converted, we can assist in providing the right solution to securely store and retrieve the file when requested.

GIS Department

Managed by the Auditor, counties are relying on Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide an accurate digital map of the county.  In managing the system, most related information remains in paper formats, such as project specifications, bids, or supporting records.  CASNET provides fully integrated software allowing the GIS Department to link the supporting files digitally to the map, layer, or display being viewed.   Our fully integrated system will allow the County to improve the GIS investment by exposing links and documents to engineers, contractors, safety forces, and even other agencies such as Homeland Security.

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