Education & School Document Management

Education & School Document Management

With our K-12 and Higher Education solutions, you will no longer be faced with lost or misplaced files, intimidating stacks of papers, or files stored in every inch of open space. We can give you access to all of your files and records with a few clicks of a mouse.

With the growing cost of storing and searching for your paper files, CASNET provides solutions that will reduce costs and meet retention policies, while supporting your compliance requirements by securing your vital documents.

K-12 Solutions

Are you dealing with the continuing issues of keeping paper student graduation files, finance voucher packets, or personnel records? Are they overloading your physical space? Causing economic drain and security problems? Concerned that your storage of records doesn’t meet the RC2 schedule?
With our K-12 solutions, CASNET assists districts in managing vital student, financial, personnel, and other records as to the RC-2 schedule.

Our education experts will bring you affordable, secure, and compliant solutions that allow the access needed to any record by approved personnel right from your PC thus assuring district efficiency, security, and compliance, while delivering a positive ROI.

Higher Education

From Admissions to Graduate School, Finance to Human Resource Office, your Institution works from paper. Paper files that travel with students and staff, from department to department. CASNET provides document management and capture solutions that free your institution and departments from being forced to store and manage these records while allowing you to operate at maximum efficiency.

CASNET also provides direct integration with your institutional databases. Through our custom integrations, CASNET allows your users to retrieve records from a document management solution without leaving your line of business application.

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