Government Document Management, Scanning & Storage and Workflow Systems

Government Document Management, Scanning & Storage and Workflow Systems

Yesterday’s methods are not tomorrow’s solutions.  Put CASNET’s two plus decades of focusing on your challenges to work for you, allowing us to provide the best solution to address your concerns.    Working with Municipal Governments, CASNET has demonstrated the ability to improve business processes, reduce cost, protect data, and deliver critical information allowing government agencies and departments to run more efficiently.

City and Municipal Governments are a local form of government that provide services to the residents of their city, village or town.  With multiple forms of government structures, one item remains the same, how to effectively manage the records, documents, ordinances, and associated pages required to support and share with the public.   CASNET continues to work with municipalities, cities, and towns to improve the security, access, and management of files while increasing the efficiency and transparency the government desires.

CASNET’s business development and process improvement teams can evaluate, recommend solutions, and implement best in class document management systems to meet your desires in managing the records.  We can resolve your bottlenecks, reduce your cost, and improve your efficiency through departmental to enterprise document management.


Responsible for the financial and fiscal integrity of the City, accurate data and records are the key.  CASNET understands how to improve finance operations through document management and business process improvement.  Our Business Analyst will review your current processes, identify the bottlenecks, and recommend a solution that will increase your efficiency.

Income Tax

CASNET allows Income Tax Departments the ability to manage tax payers’ files within the tax system.  Through integration with the line of business, the tax clerks will have immediate access to the current and historical files associated with tax ID number.  This will improve first call resolutions; reduce the cost of managing physical files and increasing tax payer relations.

CASNET has the ability to implement your Record Retention Policy to assure the department is only keeping the required forms and files, while providing a method to audit and capture deletion of documents when they exceed the required retention.

Human Resource

Responsible for all personnel management and support, the Human Resource Department requires solid file structure and management.  Too often this is done in paper files, folders, and cabinets full of current and past employee records.   This paper driven system is full of expenses and often overlooked as “well it is just the way we always have done it” mentality.

CASNET understands the need of HR, from hiring and onboarding, step reviews, and HIPAA requirements.  Whether you are seeking to convert paper files to digital or implement a complete document management solution, CASNET’s business professionals can assist your department in getting started and staying in scope.

Records management and retention policies must be considered in any decision.  We understand this and have assisted numerous HR departments in freeing themselves for managing files like they did 50 years ago.


Police, Fire, Dispatch, and EMS all require reports to be created and maintained.   CASNET realizes the importance of gathering, and protecting files and reports that need to be preserved, shared and managed.  With our experience in conversion and document management, we can assist the Safety Departments in meeting Retention Policies and providing secured and defined access as required, CASNET will work with you and the city to eliminate the need to manage these records from paper and antiquated filing format.

City Council

City Council is barraged prior to each meeting with agenda minutes, requests, and supporting documents that require a staff member or multiple staff members to spend hours weekly to gather copy and distribute the Council Packets.   Then at the conclusion of the meetings, they have to revamp the packet, add required documents, signature to capture the meeting and prepare the Journal entry.  What a time consuming and inefficient method for managing the process.

CASNET works to allow City Council the ability to electronically handle the entire process, eliminating paper files that can be lost or misplaced, while allowing electronic access by council or other attendees moodily.   With Agenda Management by OnBase, CASNET has an optional solution that will improve your council’s efficiencies, provide an easy method for modifying Agendas, and creating electronic minutes, capturing signatures, and automatically completing the journal entry.


From professional drawings to sketches on napkins, the Planning department relies on paper files to manage building, expansion, and improvement projects.  CASNET enables  Planning and Development departments to automate the permit approval and building process tracking all aspects of the project.  With mobile capabilities and electronic files, the approval process will become more efficient, improve customer relations, and decrease the time required to approve proposed plans.

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