eSAFE Cloud Services

Secure Access of Your Information, Anytime, Anywhere

Digital transformation for everyone.

CASNET’s eSAFE is a secure cloud-based service that enables organizations to easily manage their electronic documents from anywhere without the need to purchase software or burden their IT department. Scalable and great for small to large organizations, eSAFE is compliant with the privacy & governance rules of your industry and region.  Enable user permissions & seamlessly integrate paper with digital workflows.

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Search fir documents in a cloud

Fast, accurate data retrieval.

Information is great – unless it is in the wrong format or you can’t find it.  Never waste time again looking for that one piece of paper or that random email attachment.  A cloud-based digital file cabinet means all your documents are organized and can be securely retrieved from anywhere by document type, date, or other unique identifier, like customer account or invoice number.

Optimize your workflow with automated inputs.

Whether you use eSAFE or another system, scanned inputs from CASNET’s document scanning service optimize the flow of information in the right format at the right time.  Automation is a natural fit for departments that have a constant flux of documents like accounts receivable, accounts payable, production, and shipping.

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