Digital Mailroom Service

Get Your Paper Mail Wherever You Are

Your paper mail in an electronic document.

Don’t let paper be your weakest link.  Mail piling up at the office and staff working from home?  CASNET can collect, open, scan, & upload digital versions of your paper mail to the cloud.  Never miss a bill or check again.

Digital Mailroom Service

Contactless Collection

Choose our courier for pickup or simply re-route your mail to a PO Box near our office.

Professional Scanning

CASNET handles all types of paper from delicate carbon copies to large format blueprints & drawings.​

Save to eSAFE Cloud

Easily access your indexed & digitized mail from anywhere. Never miss a check or bill again.

Man standing on puzzle pieces looking for solution

Predictability in unpredictable times.

Managing remote staff & office closures can be stressful.  CASNET’s Digital Mailroom service allows your business to keep running – wherever you are.