Bulk Document Imaging, Processing & Scanning

Leveraging CASNET’s state of the art service bureau enables your company to maximize business efficiency through the outsourcing of the scanning and keying functions associated with your front office and back office services. By allowing CASNET to handle conversion of your paper documents, digital files and legacy film records into standard electronic formats you will achieve hard dollar savings as well as faster and more accurate data delivery.

The content that CASNET provides can often be imported directly into your accounting or other line of business system as well as your document management system. This approach reduces your keying efforts and provides centralized electronic access to this information. It also will eliminate delays while improving operational efficiencies. In addition, outsourcing these activities will enable your team to focus on serving your customers and each other more effectively.

Some of the documents we have indexed or coded:

  •  Financial Records
  •  Personnel Files
  •  Student Records
  •  Land Records
  •  Shipping Documents
  •  Customer Claim Forms
  •  Court Files
  •  Accounts Receivable
  •  Accounts Payable
  •  Customer Order Packages
  •  Contracts
  •  Inventory Data (material certs and packing slips)
  •  Quality Forms
  •  Import & Export Files
  •  Tax Forms
  •  Applications

Our related services include

  •   High Speed Scanning and Image Format Conversion
  •   Data Entry and Coding
  •   Document Destruction

Document Scanning – Data Conversion

CASNET is one of the largest document scanning operations in Northeast Ohio, which enables us to operate at maximum efficiency. Our professional team will handle it all, relieving you of the labor intensive and monotonous tasks associated with preparing and scanning files. We can convert almost any paper, film, or digital media from its current state to your desired electronic format. When you take advantage of our professionally staffed and secured scanning facility, we provide you with a quality scanning solution for every type and size of document, from business reply cards to large engineering drawings.

Bulk Document Imaging, Processing & Scanning

Does your team’s workspaces look like this? Let us Convert your stranded paper files into digital information.

Keying / Coding

The process of keying selected values and required information from documents. When accuracy is paramount to your business, CASNET provides the highest quality available in the industry. Through our double-keyed process, we virtually eliminate the chance of errors and return your vital information with a 99.9% accuracy rate.

Our professional Data Entry and Indexing solution techniques leverage the latest technologies to capture vital information cost effectively. We will deliver this data to you in your customized layout. This enables you to import this data into your systems without all of the hassle or staffing regularly required to key data.

From keying invoice data, to creating medical billing documents (835 / 837 reports), to capturing values from forms and financial reports, CASNET has the expertise required to provide you the data you need in the format you require, in the desired timeframe.

  • Image by image inspection
  • Double-keyed indexing
  • Indexing forms, applications, invoices, claims…

Document Destruction

Once you have converted your paper files into electronic images, what do you do with the paper? You certainly do not want to take it back and re-file it or pay to store it. Let CASNET remove the cost and burden of handling this paper by destroying your files through our Document Shredding service.
After we have digitized your records, CASNET will assist you in meeting your record destruction policy by retaining your physical copies for an agreed upon holding period and then shredding them.

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