Electronic Document Storage Management Solutions

Electronic Document Storage Management SolutionsToday Document Management often referred to as a Content Management or Enterprise Content Management (ECM), is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage, and track electronic documents and images. The documents, both paper and electronic, can come into an organization in many forms from email attachments and all forms of MS Office documents to envelopes and faxes. Over the past five-to-ten years, the leading document management platforms have evolved to be much more. They have become the hub for your entire document and business related information. They integrate with the existing core business systems and they can be used to automate workflows, distribute information, and enhance communications. They also enable access to information that had been locked away inside of proprietary departmental applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning and Accounting Systems. Today’s Document Management Systems fulfill the promises once made by the developers of team “collaboration” software.

At CASNET, we help you manage all of your information sources as well as the entire document life cycle from receipt or creation to destruction. We also tie together technologies and implemented automated business processes designed to deliver your desired results. Through our best-in-class strategies and methodology, along with over four decades of experience in scanning, document and information management, CASNET ensures that your needs are addressed. Our portfolio of Document Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products include solutions utilizing Hyland’s OnBase®, EMC ApplicationXtender®, and our own eWIX™ cloud-based service. When coupled with scanning and indexing from our first class Conversion Bureau and our experience in business process re-engineering, CASNET provides you with the ability to define and implement a complete and fully integrated solution that gets it right the first time.

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