Microfilm & Microfiche Production & Scanning Services

Microfilm & Microfiche Production & Scanning ServicesWhile many organizations have moved to electronic digital images, microfilm remains a standard for vital information that needs to be retained in eye readable form for twenty or more years. Microfilm provides a copy of information that can be accessed without computers, meeting ISO / ANSI certified life expectancy of up to 500 years. This easy to view and legally accepted archive provides peace of mind and reduces storage space required by as much as 95% (versus paper).

CASNET Microfilming Solutions can deliver any type of film (16 mm, 35 mm, or 105 mm) that ensures compliance with both Federal and State laws when permanent retention of records is required.

As the leader in Ohio for  microfilm services, CASNET can provide your records to you in the format you desire: Jackets, Open Reel, or M Cartridges. With the ability to provide duplication on both silver and diazo film, CASNET will work with you to determine the best filming solution for your document management needs.


CASNET provides a full range of imaging services specifically tailored to meet each customer’s individual content and information management requirements. These include:

Document Preparation

High Speed Filming

Indexing / Labeling

Card Size Documents to E Size Engineering Drawings

Film Imprinting

Duplicate Rolls


CASNET has the resources in place to manage the entire conversion process so you can focus on your business.

Image by Image Inspection

Document Destruction

Archive Writer Services

Conversion of Digital or Paper to Film


While documents or film are on our premises, they are safeguarded by fire suppression, security systems, and a secured storage area. Our professional staff is trained to handle your sensitive documents on a daily basis.


CASNET’s Microfilming Solution can deliver on any type of film, (16mm, 35mm, or 105mm)

Jackets, Open Reel, M Cartridges

Microfilm duplication on both silver film and diazo

Microfilm supplies


Both Federal and state laws require many records be retained indefinitely in a eye-readablemicrofilm format. Microfilm meets this requirement in a cost-effective manner. New technology is not always the correct solution to a document management need. CASNET can help you determine the best solution to your document management needs.

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